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Silver Lake Lounge - Fri 8th Mar 2019
Silver Lake Lounge - Tue 9th Apr 2019
TR!P Santa Monica - Mon 3rd June 2019

The Gillum Bros


The Gillum Bros were born in Detroit but spent the latter half of their upbringing on their father's horse farm in Upstate New York. They started writing songs in 2012 while sending ideas back and forth via email while attending different colleges and bounced around considerably upon graduation. They spent time in Schenectady, New York City, Tampa, Richmond, Washington D.C. and Phoenix. As of this writing, they live in Arcadia, California.

The nomadic lifestyle of these two has shaped their sound considerably. Listeners are quick to note the sense of longing in their quirky power pop. Before moving to California to honor the rock star mythos, Keith and Ryan spent the last few years bouncing between their hometown Detroit and Destin, Florida, a fishing paradise on the emerald coast.

Down in Destin, Ryan quickly found a drumming gig with a country cover band, and when they weren't busy painting their mother's condo or sunbathing on the white-sand beaches, they worked on new songs, including the banger "Elixir of Lyfe". Ryan began tapping into his love for Latin and African rhythms and with the help of his band-mate, Clint Hall, the duo was able to record quality tracks on the cheap and hone their sound. The sessions gave them a taste of the studio experience and inspired them to keep grinding.

In Detroit, they cut their teeth playing acoustic shows in various coffee shops. They had a weekly gig at the eastside's Coffee and Blank and a monthly showcase at Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak. They spent most of their time in the attic-studio of their good friend "Papa" Fisher where Keith began playing more piano and exploring his falsetto range. Their last gig in Detroit was at the famed Northern Lights Lounge, where they played to a packed house of friends and future fans.

The Gillum Bros dropped their debut album entitled "Mooshie Music" in January of this year and it's begun to make the rounds on college radio. It didn't take long for new songs to bubble up. Teaming up with Parisian mixer-extraordinaire Art Bleek, the duo have soared to new sonic heights and are nearly finished with what will be another album, set for release in the Spring or early Summer.

The Gillum Bros approach their music with magnanimous minds and heedful hearts. They create and perform out of necessity, for without these forms of expression they would probably go insane. Also, they have both decided that using their musical gifts to enrich the world around them is pretty fun. So, there’s that…

They hope you will join them in their future musical adventures.

Stay tuned.

The Gillum Bros

Press Quotes

"[The Gillum Bros] blend of deft pop, island vibes, laid back disco groove and mix of utterly modern, yet retro-infused minimalism is a totally unique sonic cocktail." - Dancing About Architecture

"It’s always nice when the music lives up to the expectation that has been built up around it and The Gillum Bros. not only do that, they exceed it without even breaking into a sweat." - Dancing About Architecture

"...the Gillum Bros merge progressive rock, ambient, and EDM into a satisfyingly delightful mix." - Beach Sloth

"The Gillum Brothers deliver quirky, alternative pop music which is guaranteed to infect your sensory system and work your emotions in ways you might not be prepared for." - Middle Tennessee Music/Indie Music Discovery

"...a perfect combination of lush pop melodies and vibrant indie aesthetics..." - The Bandcamp Diaries

The Gillum Bros


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